Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to choose a work at home biz

As a work at home mom, I am always looking for new ideas and businesses that will not only make money, but will work into my schedule and help my family as well. And, anytime you are looking for ways to work from home, you get bombarded with literally thousands of ideas and companies. How do you know what to choose? How can you wade through all the hype and figure out what will work best for you?

One of the main concerns people have with home businesses are the start up costs. Why do I have to pay to work from home? The answer is, you don't. If you are simply looking for a work at home "job", then you should NEVER pay for information or to work for a company.

BUT, if you are looking at a work at home business, then you will have to incur some start up costs. Most of the home based businesses today have a "kit" or "starter pack" that you can purchase that will give you all the information, paperwork and sometimes even products that you will need for your business. They cannot give all of that stuff for free, so there must be a "cost" to the business owner. Let's face it. If you just wanted to clean houses for other people, you would still have costs of gas and cleaning supplies.

Now, one of the best reasons for having a home based business is the tax benefits. You can deduct the cost of supplies, business kits, websites, internet, etc., as these are a "cost" of doing your business. The more expenses you can use to offset your income, the less you will have to pay in taxes. Even when your business is profitable, you can still look like you earn less because of all the deductions you are allowed to take for your business.

If you are someone who loves to travel and would like to have a home business and receive up to 70% off on travel, take a look at Unselfish Wealth at This is a newer company with a great concept of helping others instead of only helping yourself. My next post will be more indepth information on Unselfish Wealth.

Have a great and profitable day!